Monthly writing prompt from #IWSG: 2020/02/05

February 5 question – Has a single photo or work of art ever inspired a story? What was it and did you finish it?

I think one of my biggest inspirations for storytelling comes from my grandfather, Tom. In a small southern town, during the early 1900’s, he ran a small wholesale electric company. In addition to all the normal challenges he would have faced as a small business owner in keeping up with the then emerging technologies in electrical appliances and lighting, in addition to being a loving husband and a father of two children, he faced a challenge unusual among his peers. Tom was legally blind. Ever since he suffered a severe fever at an early age, he only saw vague patches of darkness and light the rest of his life. How my grandfather dealt with this challenge of not having sight and how he not only succeeded but inspired others has been the impetus for my own desire to write for as long as I can remember.

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The Box of Hurt

Some twenty years ago, Maggie had stood in her storage locker sorting what stuff she would drag to California with her and what was headed to Goodwill.  She had sorted out the books, CDs and cassettes, tools, legal documents and had some family knickknacks carefully wrapped and packed.  The still, hot, humid air of a typical summer day in North Carolina had a suffocating effect in the aluminum 8 x 10 unit.  Add dust, mold and a healthy set of ragged nerves. Not the best day. 

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